At Watch Portfolio Management, we have a solid track record in working with lenders to simplify the management of insolvency cases. We focus on positive outcomes for our clients, and we fine-tune our systems to achieve exactly what’s needed.

We provide dedicated functional teams that manage each service stage.

  • 1. Document Management
    • Hardcopy documents and data files are received from insolvency practitioners for all new and existing cases
    • Standard documents are screen scraped, data validated and entered onto the case management system
    • Non-standard documents are manually entered
    • Data files including XML are processed and data validated
    • Quality Management Assurance checks are done to provide accuracy oversight
    • Hardcopy documents are securely shredded
  • 2. Case Review
    • Guided assessment of consumer circumstances including financial affordability check
    • Guided assessment of assets
    • Query management and negotiation with insolvency practitioner
    • Guided application of creditor decisioning rules and case fee modifications
    • Voting on behalf of clients and production of auditable decisioning sheet specific to each case
  • 3. Case Activation
    • Check Post-set up review of the case arrangement
    • Validation of client voting instructions
    • Case value lock-in and account balance confirmation
  • 4. Account Status Management
    • Ongoing management of documentation and data updates within account lifecycle
    • Status updates and exceptions management
  • 5. Payment Processing
    • High volume, high complexity payment management
    • Automated BACS and cheque processing
    • High frequency and tailored client distribution
    • Intelligent and accurate data matching
  • 6. Case Closure
    • Calculation of actual returns vs expected returns
    • Query and exceptions chasing
    • Vulnerable consumer notification for failures
  • 7. Data Cleansing
    • Account level reconciliation programmes with client and suppliers
    • Daily data cleanse scripts
    • Targeted data activities to test and remedy data variations
  • 8. Conduct Risk Investigations
    • Core team responsible for co-ordinating and targeting supplier and internal conduct risk investigations
    • Fed by multiple data sources including consumer journey analytics, Quality Management Assurance and Exceptions reports

We develop and maintain strategic relationships and become fully involved in supplier service delivery.

Watch Portfolio Management system design

Dynamic management information system

The use of technology is key to our success and that of our clients. Our dynamic management information system is essential for accurate monitoring of data and for predicting future activity.

    • Advanced and real-time Management Information (MI) platform
    • Portfolio performance and intelligence across all activities
    • Quality Management Assurance reporting, consumer demographics and forecasting
    • Powerful and visual MI with smart deep-dive capabilities
    • Secure, multi-user access
    • Configurable to suit each client’s needs

At Watch Portfolio Management our team of in-house experts are essential to our success.

From client relationships to service delivery, analytics and technology, our highly-skilled people deliver the results you want. Our independence allows us the freedom to adapt and change to suit your needs. We celebrate fresh thinking and value creativity. Some of our areas of expertise

Who we are
  • Client Management
  • Analytics
  • IT
  • Compliance and Training