At Watch Portfolio Management we’re excited about our future and focused on growth. Because of this we’re always on the lookout for high calibre and energetic individuals that can take the journey with us.

We employ analytical and business analysts, IT developers, statistical analysis experts, and there’s always a demand for the right people in our financial operations, accountancy and business operation areas.

Our team of 40 talented individuals are focused on achieving success. We harness the full potential of technology to deliver the best results for our clients. Working together according to shared values means ours is a productive, dynamic team that listens and responds to the needs of our clients.

At Watch Portfolio Management, we invest in the development and training of our staff to help them achieve their potential. Our client base is substantial, but our environment is nurturing, which creates opportunities and supports the development of a wide range of skills.

New recruit Adrian Wallace talks about his role:

Describe some of the best aspects of working at Watch Portfolio Management

One of the major advantages to working at Watch Portfolio Management is that everyone works together. They are helpful and friendly, so if you need any advice there’s always someone available to ask.


What have you learned since you started working here?

Since I started working here, I have learned a new development language, as well as new development tools and techniques. I feel like my skills are valued and I am getting a chance to build up my knowledge in computing.


Why did you join Watch Portfolio Management?

I was drawn to work here because the role was similar to what I had done during my year-long placement at university, but the type of industry they are involved in is very different. My placement was centered on analysis and development for a specialist software company serving the public sector in Northern Ireland. Sometimes new graduates aren’t given a full range of tasks, but here, I have the opportunity to be involved in more influential work.


What’s it really like working at Watch Portfolio Management?

I am a recent graduate and have been working at Watch Portfolio Management for just over a month. I graduated from Ulster University after completing a BSc (Hons) in Computing. I also have a Diploma in Professional Practice.

My role is as an Analyst but with my background and experience I have been mainly involved in development. There are different disciplines of Analysis here at Watch Portfolio Management including business intelligence, statistical, operational and management information. In my case then it also stretches into IT development.

An average day for me begins by checking my emails to see if there are any tasks/meetings scheduled for that day.  If these tasks are high priority then I will begin them that morning, or at least that day.  The rest of the day will then be spent completing tasks or attending meetings.  I will then work on projects that are on the IT roadmap which could mean background analytical work to writing code and supporting our in-house developers. As a new starter a lot of my time is spent training and being coached by the current team.