Watch Portfolio Management are the largest, fully independent insolvency agents in the UK and ROI markets. Because we are an independent business owned by a board of directors we are highly focused and agile.

We support our clients in their practical risk management of consumer debt. Each of our clients has their own specific requirements. Our dynamic business model allows us the freedom to fine-tune our services to suit them.

We have a track record of developing new world technologies that manage risk, data and provide complete process transparency to clients.  This helps our clients respond to the changing regulatory landscape.

Some of our bespoke products and services include:

  • Payment Processing
    • Advanced, high volume remittance processing for complex environments
    • Exceptions processing and stakeholder support
    • Daily, weekly, monthly and client configurable remittance periods
    • Matching libraries that ‘learn’ by previous activity
    • Intelligent reference matching algorithms applying more than 2,500 levels to confidently apply transactions to account
  • Paperless Cheque Cashing
    • Market leading cheque processing
    • Paperless day 1 banking to speed up transaction times and improve process efficiencies
    • Linkage to Payment Processing
  • Compliance and Quality Management Assurance systems
    • A range of systems and tools available
    • Understanding and highlighting Quality Management Assurance (QMA) exceptions
    • Operator assistance and guidance technologies
  • Advanced Data Linkage
    • Logic and intelligence tools to match complex data sets
    • Applicable to organisations needing data matching between internal systems or external partners, e.g. information hubs, sales channel management, supply chain management and professional services delivery channels.
    • Bespoke and configurable service to each client
    • Responsive systems